Don't Send Your Injured Plaintiff To Their Defense Medical Examination Without An Excellent Nurse Observer

Why Use Our Services?----FIRST, because our experience with the DME doctors is unrivaled—our familiarity with the doctors listed at the bottom of this webpage makes us the DME Observer Attendance Business that you want to have with your plaintiff at their DME!!!

Why sending one of our plaintiff attorney representatives to act as observer during your plaintiff’s defense medical examination bolsters your injury litigation:

As you are aware, a great many doctors who perform Defense Medical Examinations in personal injury litigation are influenced by the fact that they are being paid by the defense and perceive that the client who pays their bill expects the defense position to be improved as a consequence of the DME report. Accordingly, many DME doctors appear to skew their report on the plaintiff in favor of the defense. A subset of DME doctors have a very poor reputation for fairness or accuracy and will present whatever medical opinion the defense attorney desires. Once the DME doctor has prepared a report which unfairly depicts the plaintiff's examination, there is little that can be done to refute this unless you have had one of our excellent plaintiff attorney representatives to act as observer attend. The reality is that when I politely stand present with my audio recorder turned on, dangling from my neck, while taking note—the physician will then most likely produce a more objective report.

Those plaintiffs I have attended defense medical examinations with have overwhelmingly communicated that having me there made them feel much more comfortable during the physician's exam. I meet the client at least fifteen minutes before the time of the doctor's appointment, identify myself as the plaintiff attorney representative, and do my best to put them at ease. I review that their attorney has sent me to be his representative in attending and observing the doctor's examination, I will be audio recording the office visit, also will be taking written notes and the fact that the opposition in the lawsuit is paying the doctor to perform the examination. I briefly discuss that the opposition's case would be improved if the doctor's report finds a lesser injury or a fuller recovery. The client is cautioned not to assume that the doctor is watching their face for expressions of pain and encouraged to inform the doctor out loud if any part of the examination hurts or is uncomfortable—with these words then being recorded. I reassure the client not to worry—that I'll be there with them during the entire examination. I also review any Response to Demand that the attorney may have provided. My notes, which are attorney work product about the plaintiff's representation, may include but are not limited to the following

a. Time examination began key events, narrative, and time it concluded.
b. Examiner's questions and client's answers.
c. Diagnostic tests and results of these.

d. Verbal and nonverbal indications of pain or discomfort during the examination.
e. Persons present during the examination and any function they may have performed.
f. Assistive aids, gait disturbances, or other physical deficits noted in the client.

I've attended many DME's, so producing the typewritten report of the examination takes minimal time, and I attach a copy of the physician's card, which I obtain from the office. I submit my report and the audio recording CD to the attorney expeditiously. I include the suggestion that I, or someone from the attorney's office, compare my notes against the text of the physician's report when it is made available. I am, of course, available as a witness in support of my documentation as well as the audio recording of the examination if there appear to be important inconsistencies noted in the doctor's report.

Abbi, Gaurav

Abitbol, Jean-Jacques

Acosta, Frank

Ahluwalia, Raj

Ahluwalia, Sonu S.

Ajir, Farr

Alberstone, Cary D.

Alegre, Gary

Alessi, David M.

Alexander, David

Alexander, Gerald J.

Ali, Raed M.

Alter, Anthony H.

Altman, Donald I.

AmirNovin, Ramin

Amos, Edwin C.

Anand, Neel

Anand, Veerinder S.

Andersson, Peter-Brian

Ardary, Willliam C.

Armagan, Osep E.

Armin, Nirav

Armin, Sean S.

Armstrong, Ian

Asarnow, Robert F.

Ashford, Roy F.

Ashkenaze, David Michael

Astoorian, Arthur

Atkin, Dave M.

Audell, Laura

Auerbach, David M.

Back-Madruga, Carla

Bahk, Michael S.

Bailey, Bradley

Baird, Robert A.

Baldwin, Kenneth L.

Balfour, George W.

Ballard, Jeffrey L.

Barbanell, Ronald L.

Barcohana, Babak

Barkodar, Leon

Barton, Edward G.

Bashner, Brian C.

Baum, Ronald

Bawa, Maneesh

Becker, Steven G.

BeDell, Kimberly

Bederman, S. Samuel

Belafsky, Melvin A.

Belden, Signe

Berman, Andrew G.

Bernhard, Mark

Bethune, David Scott

"Bhalla, Amandeep

Bhatia, Nitin

Binder, Devin

Birnbaum, Alan M.

Blackwell, Keith E.

Blanton, Christopher

Bliss, Irwin J.

Bloze, Elizabeth

Boone, Kyle B.

Borelli, Lawrence

Boudreau, Richard

Bounds, Jeffrey

Bourman, Steven N.

Bowman, William

Bradshaw, David

Braiker, Barry M.

Brazina, Gary

Bredenkamp, James

Bremner, Luke F.

Brenner, Brian C.

Bried, James M.

Brien, Earl W.

Brien, William W.

Broadus, Paul

Brones, Michael

Brooks, H. Leon

Brose, William G.

Brourman, Steven N.

Brown, Harvey V.

Brown, Richard A.

Buddin, Deborah Ely

Bullock, Richard A.

Burton, John T.

Bussfield, Benjamin

Calderone, Rocco R.

Cambre, Athleo L.

Candela, Frank C.

Carlish, Ronald A.

Cassini, Peter

Caton, William L.

Cebula, Kevin J.

Cerruti, Michael Anthony

Chabay, Cynthia

Chambers, Lauchlan

Chandler, Robert W.

Chang, David S.

Chang, Marisa

Charlu, Balaji S.

Chase, Peter

Chehrazi, B. Barry

Chen, Thomas C.

Cheng, Wayne K.

Cherner, Mariana

Cheung, Sunny C.

Choi, SooHo

Chow, George

Chun, Keolanui

Ciesla, Thomas K.

Clark, Sharon Ann

Clavin, Harold D.

Cluck, Michael Warren

Coe, Jeffrey D.

Cohen, Glenn D.

Cohen, Gregory

Cole, Robert E.

Coleman, James F.

Comstock, Curt

Conwisar, Philip H.

Cooper, Martin

Corren, John

Crandall, Earle

Cresswell, Deborah L.

Curran, William

d’Arc, Brent

Dadgostar, Hajir

Danesh, Sid

Danoff, Dudley Seth

Danzig, Larry A.

Darakjian, Hrair

Davidson, Mark

Deck, Kenneth B.

Delio, Philip R.

Delis, Dean C.

Dembner, Jeffrey M.

Dennis, Stephen

Dennis, Steven C.

Di Julio, Thomas P.

Dillin, William H.

Djalilian, Hamid

Dodge, Larry D.

Donatto, Keith

Dubin, Bruce

Dubrow, Terry J.

Duffner, David

Dunn, John T.

Dupee, Suzanne

Dyes, Mary Kay

Eastlack, Robert

Eckermann, Jan M.

Edelman, Fredric L.

Edinger, Lara

Edmonds, Harvey L.

Ehrart, Kevin M.

Eichbaum, Eldan

Einbund, Michael J.

Ekstrand see Kohler

Evans, Sean J.

Evans, Ted D.

Fait, James

Falakassa, Jonathan

Feder, Keith S.

Feinstein, Joel

Feinstein, Joel D.

Feldman, Michael J.

Fell, Thomas W. Jr.

Felman, Elliot D.

Fenison, Anthony T.

Fenton, Robert

Ferro, Thomas D.

Feuerman, Tony

Filanowski, Charles A.

Fink, Ezekiel M.D.

Fish, David E.

Fisher, David E.

Fisher, Paul Graham

Fisk, Ronald

Fleming, Christopher H.

Flinders, Boyd W.

Flores, Carlos A.

Forman, Scott K.

Forner, Stephen

Forouzesh, Solomon

Fortanasce, Vincent

Fox, Andrew

Franc, Daniel

Francis, Stephen E.

Frecker, David G. N.

Freedman, Douglas M.

Freundlich, Robert

Frey, Carol

Friedman, Howard

Friedman, Marc J.

Friedman, Marc J.

Gabriel, Ronald S.

Gambardella, Ralph

Garabekyan, Tigran

Garrick, Thomas

Gehret, David A.

Gelbard, Martin K.

Georgaklis, George C.

Gerhardt, Michael B.

Gersh, Felice L.

Gershwin, Eric

Ghostine, Samer S.

Giacobetti, Frank B.

Gillman, Michael

Gitlin, Graham N.

Giza, Eric

Glaser, David N.

Gleiberman, Peter

Glidden, Howard J.

Glousman, Ronald E.

Gluckman, Richard S.

Gold, Michael E.

Gold, Stuart M.

Goldberg, Hope

Goldstein, Theodore B.

Gollogly, Sohrab

Goodman, Paul

Gopen, Quinton

Graboff, Steven

Graff-Radford, Steven

Graham, Scott A.

Gramlich, Beverly A.

Gravely, Lance E.

Gray, Timothy P.

Greenfield, Jon B.

Greenfield, Richard

Green, Scott

Gregorius, F. Karl

Gregorius, Theodore K.

Griffith, Chester Frank

Grode, Marshall

Grogan, Thomas J.

Gross, Jeffrey D.

Grossman, Brian S.

Grossman, Jay

Grossman, Peter

Gupta, Neeraj

Gupta, Ranjan

Gurevitch, Michael J.

Morgan, H.B. H.B. Morgan

Hah, Raymond Jonathan

Haim, Fred H.

Halikis, Nicholas M.

Halikis, Nicholas M.

Hand, Charles

Handle, Neal

Hanker, Gregory J.

Hanna, Kenny E.

Hannani, Kambiz

Hanscom, Thomas

Hansom, Thomas

Haronian, Edwin

Harris, Thomas

Hatch, George

Heather, Richard D.

Hedge, Thomas L.

Heinen, Gregory T.

Hendricks, Pierre

Henry, George K.

Henry, Mechel

Hewlett, Edmond R.

High, James R.

Hinkin, Charles

Hoenig, David

Hoffinger, Scott

Ho, Lin

Hogan, Jeremy

Hollander, Michael J.

Holt, Lori

Hom, John J.

Hooker, William

Horacek, Kenton S.

Horowitz, Jed

Hosakar, Harish

House, John

Howard, Glidden

Howard, John L.

Hoyt, Thomas E.

Hsu, Jennifer W.

Huene, Donald R.

Hunt, Gabriel

Hunt, Leonel A.

Inbus, Charles

Ishaaya, Abraham (Avi)

Ishiyama, Akira

Itagaki, Brian H.

Jacks, Brian P.

Jackson, Robert J.

Jaegar, Bernadette D.D.S.

Jaivin, Jonathan

Jankiewicz, Joseph J.

Johnson, Neil

Jones, David

Jung, Kenneth S.

Kahmann, Richard

Kalechstein, Ari

Kalis, Mark A.

Kaloostian, Paul E.

Kanter, Phillip J.

Kaplan, Daniel E.

Kaplan, Leslie

Kasimian, Stepan

Kaufman, David Myland

Kaufman, John D

Kay, Stephen P.

Kayvanfar, James

Keister, P. Douglas

Kelley, Timothy F.

Kennedy, David

Keyes, David

Keyes, Geoffrey

Khasigian, Harry A.

Killeen, Brian D.C.

Kilroy, Robert

Kim, Donald D.

Kim, Hose

Kim, Suzy

Kim, Youjeong

Kimball, Michael P.

King, Wesley A.

Klapper, Robert C.

Klasky, Irving

Klassen, Michael

Klein, Michael R.

Klein, Russell C.

Koh, Joon Y.

Kohler-Ekstrand, Christine

Kondrashov, Dimitriy

Konkin, Leslie A.

Kopp, Franz J.

Korchek, Jeffrey

Kounang, Robertus H.

Kowell, Arthru P.

Krauchuk, Daniel

Krauss, Howard R.

Kreiger, Abott

Kreitenberg, Arthur

Krell, Martin

Krugman, Mark E.

Kryger, Gil

Kubelka, Barton A.

Kuhn, Taylor

Kula, Thomas A.

Kulick, Francine B.

Kureshi, Sohaib

Kurzweil, Peter R.

Kuschner, Stuart H.

Kvitne, Ronald

Kwong, Louis

Kwong, Philip K.

Kwong, Phillip K.

Label, Lorne

Laird, Michael T.

Lake, Jean Louise M.D.

Landman, Michael D.

Lane, Charles S.

Larsen, John M.

Lasker, Bruce R.

Lawrence, John F.

Le, Anh X.

Le, Thanh T.

Le, Vu

Lederhaus, Scott

Lee, David

Lee, Gordon K.

Lee, Marc

Legome, Mark J.

Legome, Milton E.

Leibowitz, Steven

Lercel, Gregory

Leskin, Lorraine

Lester, Kevin

Leung, Man Kit

Levesque, Michel F.

Levi, Leah

Levine, Martin

Levy, Mark

Lezine-Hanna, Jacqueline

Lezza, Alexander P.

Liberman, Keith E.

Light, Roger K.

Lin, Eric

Lin, Tony

Litoff, Gerald T.

Litoff, Jerold T.

Lobatz, Michael A.

Loddengaard, James M.

London, James T.

Loren, Gregory J.

Lott, Ira T.

Louie, Kevin

Lu, Po H.

Lubens, Perry R.

Lubow, Henry

Ludwig, Barry L.

Lulow, Jeffrey M.

"Macer, George

Maceri, Dennis R.

Macy, Jonathan I.

Macyszyn, Luke

Madruga, Carla

Majidian, Alexander M.

Malhotra, Chandler

Malkasian, Dennis

Mann, Jeffrey

Manning, Tanis

Maravich, Theodore

Maric, Zoran

Markarian, Alexander

Martin, Tamela

Martinson, Alice

Mayorga, Cristina

Mayorga, Cristina

Mazer, Theodore

McAdams, Brendan V.

McCormack, Bruce M.

McCoy, Joseph

McDonough, Mark

McEntyre, Steven

Mealer, William

Meier, Steven W.

Melikian, Rojeh

Michlin, Bernard M.D.

Mikulak, Stephen A.

Millar, Michael

Miller, Donald B.

Miller, Ernest B.

Miller, Geoffrey

Miller, Kurt V.

Miller, Lawrence

Miller, Todd

Mills, Don F.

Millstein, Eric S.

Minkoff, Evan

Minor, Jorge

Missirian, John O.

Mitrushina, Maura N.

Mobin, Fardad M.D.

Modabber, Ramin M.

Moelleken, Allan

Moelleken, Brent R. W.

Moldawer, Todd D

Moldovan, Ioana

Molnar, Todd J.

Moore, James

Moore, Stephanie

Morgan, H.B.

Morrison, Andrea

Mosby, Georgia

Mouradian, William

Mozan, Lawrence C.

Muhonen, Michael G.

Nagelberg, Steven

Nassif, Paul

Nassos, Jonathan T.

Nathan, Ross

Nathan, Ross

Needle, Stephen

Nelson, Russell W.

Ness, Richard G.

Nichter, Larry S.

Nicola, Frederic G.

Nissanoff, Jonathan

Nomoto, Edward K.

Nottingham, Paul B.

Nourian, Ardalan

Nudleman, Kenneth

Nussbaum, Richard

Nutig, Melvin

Nuzzo, Michael

O’Carroll, Christopher Phillip

O’Connor, Edward J.

Oblath, Robert

Oh, Bryan

Oshtory, Ray

Osterkamp, John A.

Ostrup, Richard C.

Otero, Juan Estevan

Ott, Kenneth

Ouzounian, Tye J.

Painter, Gary L.

Palmer, Sylvain

Park, Sang Do

Patel, Atul

Paul, Malcolm D.

Peatman, Thomas W.

Perelman, Ronald B.

Perez, Robert

Pesavento, Richard D.

Peters, Todd

Pfeffer, Glenn B.

Pickart, Michael C.

Podlenski, Kenneth A.

Pompan, Donald C.

Powell, Scott E.

Prager, Joshua P.

Prieto, Carlos

Purcell, Graham P.

Purchase, Robert

Purisch, Arnold D. Ph.D.

Rabbani, Ramin

Rad SEE Sheibani-Rad, Shahin

Rad, Heleya

Rad, Shahin

Rah, Andrew D.

Rake, Philip D.

Rastani, Kasra

Refaat, Motasem

Regan, John J.

Rehm, Joseph

Reid, James J.

Reims, Joel

Reiter, S. David

Resnick, Charles T.

Reynard, Michael

Rhyne, Dennis

Rice, Dale H.

Richeimer, Steven H.

Richman, Lawrence M.

Rimoldi, Reynold Louis

Roberts, Ronald H.

Robicheaux, Grant W.

Romero, Anthony C.

Rose, Nicholas E.

Rosen, Charles D.

Rosen, Joel S.

Rosen, Mark J.

Rosenberg, James E.

Rosenberg, Jeffrey L.

Rosenberg, Richard C.

Rosenfeld, Samuel

Rosenzweig, Scott L.

Ross, Ian

Rotenberg, Norman

Roth, Ivar E.

Rovner, Robert

Rowshan, Kasra

Rub, Barry

Rubenstein, Richard

Rubinstein, Gennady

Rubinstein, Michael P.

Rubinstein, Richard A.

Rudin, Brian D.

Rudnick, F. David

Sabbag, Kenneth R.

Sadun, Alfredo

Saint Martin, Manuel L.

Salamon, Peter

Salberg, Jeffrey G.

Sall, Richard E.

Samimi, Babak

Sampson, Thomas G.

Samudrala, Srinath

Samuelson, Michael A.

Saucedo, Carlos

Saxon, Andrew

Sbordone, Robert Joseph

Schaeffer, Jeffrey

Schamblin, Mark

Schapira, Jay N.

Scharf, David

Scheinberg, Richard D.

Schiffman, Jeffrey

Schleimer, Jonathan A.

Schopler, Steven A.

Schneider, Edward L.

Schneier, Michael

Schopler, Steven A.

Schucter, Stephen

Schwartz, S. Andrew

Schwartz, Steven M.

Scott, Robert

Sebag, J.

Secor, Perry R

Seelig, John M.

Segil, Clive M.

Seiff, Michael E.

Selznick, Hugh S.

Sender, Scott P.

Serden, Scott

Sfakanos, Peter

Shabo, Alan L.

Shafer, James S.

Shamie, Arya Nick

Shamlou, Kevin (Kourosh)

Shamoun, John M.

Shanfield, Stewart

Shatsky, Stanley A.

Sheffner, David J.

Sheibani-Rad, Shahin

Sherman, Jerrold M.

Shin, Steven S.

Shipko, Stuart

Shlens, Robert T.

Shoji, Kent

Siciarz-Lambert, Sahnia

Simon, Roy

Singer, Martha

Sisto, Domenic J.

Slabaugh, Peter B.

Slutzker, Michael L.

Smith, David G.

Smith, Geoffrey A.

Smith, Hugh E.

Smith, Joel J.

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Smith, Ronald

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Sohal, Jennifer Kaur Rodriguez

Solberg, Brian D.

Solnit, Gary S.

Sperling, Hillel

Spoonamore, Mark J.

Stege, David C.

Steinmetz, Barry

Stenehiem, Jerome

Stenquist, Philip K.

Stetson, William B.

Stokol, Colin

Strassberg, Mark H.

Strickland, Tony L.

Steiger, Ralph N.

Strizak, Alan M.

Swartz, Aubrey A.

Sweet, Stephan

Sykes, Steven

Szeftel, Alan

Taban, Mehryar

Tahernia, David A.

Tauber, Jacob E.

Tawansy, Khaled

Tchejeyan, Gregory H.

Thaiyanathan, Gowriharan

Thaler, Nicholas

Theiler, Anthony

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Thompson, Christopher

Thompson, Richard

Tindall, Richard S. A.

Tivnon, Michael C.

Tormey, Donald P.

Triggs, Kevin

Tung, Howard

Uchiyana, Christopher

Uppal, G. Sunny

Uraine, Shawn

Urata, Mark M.

Van Der Reis, William

Van Ostrand, Eric

Vance, Raymond

Varshney, Anuj

Venuto, Ralph

Victoroff, Jeff

Vostmyer, John Michael

Wachs, Barton H.

Wachtel, Andrew S.

Wagner, Kendall S.

Wallace, Mark S.

Wang, Jeffrey C.

Wang, Shen Ye

Ward, Ronald

Watson, James

Watson, Timothy

Weinberger, Alan W.

Weinraub, Michael R.

Weinstein, Michael P.

Weiss, Andrew B.

Wethe, James D.

Wiedeman, Geoffrey

Wiemann, John

Wienir, Michael A.

Wile, Peter B.

Wilker, Moshe

Williams, Eugene

Williams, Melvin

Williams, Vernon B.

Wills, Christopher A

Wilson, Marcella M.

Wilson, Reed S.

Wilson, Robert M.

Wilson. Stephan

Winter, Roland

Winternitz, William W.

Wolfe, Robert N.

Woo, Andrew H.

Yablon, Jeffrey S.

Yamamoto, Takeo

Yaralian, Pauline

Yashar, Parham

Yogaratnam, Arthur J.

Yoshida, Gregory M.

Young, Rosabel R.

Younger, Edward W.

Yu, Leisure

Yuan, Philip S.

Zackler, Lester M.

Zaffarkhan, Kyber

Zardouz, Bijan

Zardouz, Shawn

Zehler, Daniel

Zickuhr, Keri Reese

Zipnick, Richard I.

Ziv, Eli T.

Contact me now to schedule attendance at your client's DME anywhere in Los Angeles County, Orange County, and throughout Southern California as well as Northern California.

How Do You Schedule Observer Independent Medical Examination
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