DME nurse observer to monitor examinations throughout Southern California

American Bar Association Accredited Education

2006 completed the American Bar Association Accredited University of California at Riverside Extension Legal Nurse Consultant Certificate Program:

  • Legal Research and Writing (4 units) – A required paralegal certificate course that I’ve found helped prepare me to write declarations etc., related to defense medical examinations.
  • Fundamentals of Law for the Legal Professional (4 units) – The Objection and Response to Demand for DME document that I often get from law offices was an area of study that I focused on during this course.
  • Civil Procedure (4 units) – The Code of Civil Procedure Section 2032 is the authority behind the nurse observer attendance to monitor a physical examination.
  • Healthcare Law (4 units) – This class was taught by one of the pre-eminent Southern California legal nurse consultants.
  • Tort Law (3 units) – I was immersed in the applicable Code Sections such as “(b) The observer under subdivision (a) may monitor the examination, but shall not participate in or disrupt it.”
  • Report Writing for the Legal Nurse Consultant (2 units) – I did a study compiling different stipulations from Objection and Response to Demand for Defense Medical Examination from numerous Southern California law offices.
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (2 units) – The ADR skills taught here have been useful in resolving stalemates I’ve run into.
  • Ethics for the Legal Professional (2 units) – Covered responsibilities specific to my role as a Nurse Observer.
  • Computer Legal Research Using LexisNexis (1 unit) – I did a legal research project studying aspects of the Objection and Response to Demand document.
  • Crime Scene Preservation and Death Investigation in Healthcare Settings (1 unit) - I did a study on observation which helps me better monitor physical examinations.
  • Medical Records Review and Analysis (1 unit) – This assists in my Defense Medical Examination report writing.
  • California Nurse Practice Act (.8 units) - Great for my expert witness work.
  • The Legal Nurse Consultant as Expert Witness (.6 units) – As a Nurse Observer, I am prepared to testify to the veracity of my DME report.

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