Don't Send Your Injured Plaintiff To Their Defense Medical Examination Without One Of My Excellent Observers

Over 2 Decades in Business

OVER 10,000 DMEs attended!!!

● Your client will be more comfortable knowing that you sent one of my expert observers to accompany them at their Defense Medical Examination.

● This plaintiff attorney representative politely, professionally, and (if necessary) assertively interfaces with the examiner to ensure that only an authorized physical examination is conducted (NOT a 'second deposition').

● You'll get a detailed typed report and CD audio recording of what occurred during the defense medical examination, as well as witness testimony if the need arises to refute inconsistencies in the DME doctor's report.


Office Phone: (661) 252-3435
Cell: (661) 414-6972

Exceptionally Experienced Defense Medical Examination (DME) Nurse Observer

My business has attended more DME's than any other DME Observer service in the United States.

WE HAVE A TEAM OF EXCELLENT OBSERVERS–If I am personally unavailable for a Defense Medical Examination, I receive your assignment information, I send one of my exceptionally well trained and experienced observers to attend your client’s DME, and I forward the report and audio recording to your office upon the conclusion of the DME–AGAIN, the experience of myself and my expert Observers is UNRIVALED...

99 percent of my defense medical examination business is from repeat customers. Many of the attorneys that I work for are members of Consumer Attorneys of Los Angeles and have heard about me by ‘Word of Mouth’; however, I have attorney clients located throughout the State of California. I’ll bet that you know at least one of my attorney clients who can verify the excellence of my defense medical examination observer services.

What I focus on is producing a consistently excellent Defense Medical Examination observer service for plaintiff attorneys from intake of your assignment to meeting and briefing your client outside of the defense doctor's office, by ensuring your client's position is protected during the DME itself, and then in producing one of my accurate (indisputable) DME reports and an audio recording of the examination that will solidify your client's position.

Why Are We Different?

● We have a team of very well trained and experienced nurses to meet your needs–(you will not be told that we have no one available for any given date or time)

● Our detailed reports transcribe the entire examination–(we understand that you need to know what questions were asked and what answers were given, etcetera)

● You pay after you get your report and audio recording on a CD in your mail–(it is extremely easy to schedule our services, you just send us an email with the six pieces of information listed for you below)

● We charge no cancellation fee–(we understand day before case settlements, things getting taken off calendar, etc.); therefore, as long as we haven’t left the house to drive to your DME, if you appropriately notify us of a change or cancelation of an appointment—you pay no cancellation fee.

How do you schedule nurse observer independent medical examination
attendance services?

All I need is for you to send me an EMAIL with the following:

  • Date and time of appointment
  • Name of retaining attorney
  • Name of client
  • Name of doctor
  • Address of retaining attorney
  • Address of doctor's office

Please be looking for a confirming email from me back to you. IF YOU DON’T GET THIS CONFIRMING EMAIL BACK FROM ME, THEN THIS MEANS I DIDN’T GET YOUR EMAIL TO ME.




Office Phone: (661) 252-3435
Cell: (661) 414-6972

Michael Haiby, RN provides the service of defense medical examination nurse observer to plaintiff attorneys. Plaintiff individuals may ask their attorney's office to have their attorney’s office make contact with Michael Haiby, RN for more information on scheduling our DME nurse observer attendance services--only an attorney can give legal advice—CONSULT YOUR ATTORNEY.